Thursday, 15 March 2012

My first experience of using wireless spy camera

In 1995, I completed my MBA (Master in Business Administration) from IMT Ghaziabad. I was very happy and wanted to go abroad for higher studies. On the other hand, my parents wanted to stay in home town and start a business. First, I was rigid to go abroad. But, seeing the ill condition of my parents, I decided to start a business in my home town.

I analyzed the market and decided to open a gift shop. As there were not any single gift shop in the market, so there were more probability to run it and get higher benefits.

As per my expectation, it was running well. I was earning a handsome amount of money daily. Next month, to grow my business, I decided to purchase some more useful gifts. For this, I generated a balance sheet. But, what it is? It was showing in negative i.e. I was in loss. I informed the matter to one of my bosom friend. After thinking a bit, he asked me to calculate the gifts I sold and how much I bought at the time of starting gift shop.

After calculation, I found, around 10 quantities of each gifts were missing. After knowing the real fact, he suggested me to setup five mini spy camera in shop, especially at the entry gate and at the corner where I was unable to pay more attention.

Next day, I talked to a wholesaler of spy camera and asked to set up five spy camera in shop. As planned, everything was okay. Now, from my desk, I was able to see the activities of every customer with the help of CCTV camera.

First day, everything was fine. Next day, two customers came and asked me to show wrist watch. I indicated the watch corner and asked to see. They checked few wrist watches on their wrist. At last, they put on one wrist watch on their wrist and started to go out from shop. I was seeing their activities in CCTV camera. When I saw that they are going out, I called them and asked about it. Without accepting their fault, they started crying at that you say your customer thief.

At last, I had to call local police. Within 10 minutes, they reached at my shop. When I showed the CCTV Video to them, they immediately caught the both thief and handed my wrist watch to me.

Since that day, I use high resolution portable spy camera at my shop. It helps us to run business smoothly.


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