Friday, 16 November 2012

Importance of using Spy Camera

Now a day, there is crime everywhere. Wherever you go, crime follows you. It is too difficult to trust anyone. The security of people and assets has become very important for everyone. Thinking over this, many companies and Government Organization have already set up CCTV Camera and Spy Camera in their offices and business places. Everywhere like Shops, Schools, Colleges, Shopping Centers, Police Station, Metro Station, the presence of Spy Camera and CCTV camera can be seen.

Spy Camera not only evades the chances of any crime or burglary but also helps us to catch the real culprit. There is always a suspects of militants attack at most famous temples and other worth-seeing places. There are thousands and more than that people are assembled specially on some occasions. With the help of CCTV Camera and Spy Camera, anything wrong happens can be find out.

Besides, Spy cameras are used in company premises to spy on their staff, whether they are effectively working or enjoying in the duration of working hours. The most excellent and the most horrible part is that spy cameras have condensed their size over time and a spy camera is capable to be out of sight like within a pen or even in the button of a shirt and no individual will be capable to become aware of the same. There is dissimilar category of spy cameras accessible in the market depending on the clientele requirement and funds.
Now spy camera are used in many other small things like pen, table fan, photo frame, clocks, DVD players, belt etc. 

These small spy cameras can record each and everything but the clarity is not very clear. If it is required then implant high resolution spy camera in your campus or business place to record everything with clarity.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Shampoo Bottle Hidden Bathroom Spy Camera DVR

Shampoo Bottle Hidden Bathroom Spy Camera DVR is a ultra-small digital spy camera. It is hidden in a shampoo bottle so it has been named as Shampoo Bottle Spy Camera. Iit looks like an ordinary shampoo bottle, but it has a very powerful function, the most interest is that it internally hides a smallest camera DVR, it does not need any external plug-in card, built in memory 8GB itself, can work up to 4-5hours. there is time date stamp for the record, you can get the most authentic evidence for a variety of illegal behaviour. So you can adjust the time and at that time it will start recording. It is ideal for CIA agents,police,detector,and spy agency.


1.It is very small in size. Tiny size makes it for a variety of uses.
2.Its great for use as a hidden cam, spy cam, etc.
3.Real time recording in AVI video format
4.Continuous recording until memory is full or manually off
5.Records Color video with voice
6.Internal rechargeable battery
7.Internal memory up to 8GB
8.Playback video on PC
9.Video compression : AVI video format,640*480/30fps
10.Voice recording: Yes
11.Internal memory: Yes
12.Flash:8 GB
13.Video file size; >500KB per min.
14.Recording mode :continuous recording until memory is full or manually off
15.Adaptor type: USB adaptor charging cable
16.Battery type : Lithium-ion 1200MA
17.Record time : up to 1h for 2GB
18.Battery use time : about 4-5hour

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Spy Camera – Discover how it is able to protect your Business and Place

Spy Camera is nothing but type of Digital Camera which is very small in size so can be hidden anywhere easily to record to record the activity of people whosoever come to you. In fact, the flexibility and adjustability of those cameras makes them a favorite option.

There are numbers of benefits of using spy camera at your business place. Low Resolution Spy camera is available in market to spy home where there is less chance of theft or burglary. On the other hand, We should use high resolution hidden cameras in hotels, restaurants and hospitals because the recorded prints may help you to disguise of real culprit if anything wrong happens.

These spy cameras are mounted in unknown corners of Shops, Restaurant or Home where you want to spy.

Sometimes, with the help of mini spy camera, you may keep an eye on your lovely baby to document their activities that may form element of your racks and collection. If you like to picture the actions of one’s youngsters without their knowledge the hidden cameras are the best possible method of this, without really disturbing them or letting them know.

Moreover, some spy camera companies present innovative solutions where in actuality the pictures from the camera are transmitted online for you to check from everywhere on the planet as long as you have a reliable broadband internet connection.  Some of the spy cameras are wireless and some of the spy cameras are wireless. The prices of them may vary a little bit according to its capacity and resolution.

Spy Cameras are one of the best proven assets which can guard your home and business 24-hours and save you from theft and burglary. So, do not hesitate to install it at your place.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Benefits of using hidden wireless spy cameras

Now days, hidden wireless spy cameras are used by most of the business owners to run their business in an efficient way. These wireless spy cameras have enormous amount of flexibilities. Because of their small sizes and ability to blend seamlessly into their surroundings it is the great choice of business owners.

With hidden wireless spy cameras, business owners have ZERO worries on how to answer questions on cables littering your desk or premises. Some of the key benefits of using hidden wireless spy cameras are as below:
  1. These spy cameras are wired and unwired. Cable-less spy equipments are generally portable and can always be moved around to fit your particular need.
  2. Wireless mini video camera systems for spying have no cable limitations that may inhibit positioning of the wireless cameras.
  3. It is very easy to place these cameras anywhere according to the size and flexibility of room or hall.
  4. These cameras very easy to handle. As it will be recording all the video. Just take back up of it, free the memory and put it as it was, for next time to record.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Learn the importance of Hidden Spy Camera

If you have ever watched James Bond movies, you must have seen the use of innovative gadgets to catch the real culprit red handed.  Digital Spy Camera is one of the most suitable gadgets which are used by spy to catch the real culprit. Here, we are talking about the hidden spy camera or equipment that can record without anyone realizing what it does. Hidden cameras are used in daily use articles like pens, clocks, watches and other item. The culprit or thief will not even realize that his activities are being recorded and someone sitting at far distance may watch him. 

You cannot see the hidden spy camera in daily used article like pen, watch, frame, teddy bear etc. You will think that this is an ordinary pen or watch lying there. But, it will be recording your each and every activities and the person sitting far away from there can see it. However, just like the movies, you would find it difficult to see the clock, which contains the difference between the camera and one that is not selected. The same is true of the pens which include cameras. They are fully created and fully any of the characters that the camera-pen seems just like an ordinary pen.

Hidden cameras are set up to audit the quality or price of the pen. This means that you will find the camera watches with a number of Sterling price and the camera watches that will pay several hundred pounds or more. The cost of mini spy camera varies on the basis of material used in it. You will not be able to hide from any other person, and can be expected to collect any high quality. They are only a little more than toys and should not be confused with the actual work.

Spy Camera is really a top-class technology which uses videos in full HD resolution. It can capture video for so long as the battery power and space. Most of the clocks are 4 gigabytes (GB) of memory, which is enough for about 2 hours of video capture, video resolution and frames per second. It is more efficient to take a photo at very high resolution. It has 4 gigabytes (GB) of memory which can store several hundred photos in it.
Of course, such watches are accompanied by their own batteries which offer downloads of 1.5 or 2 hours of run time. Night time filming is also possible and there are no lights or anything to give away the fact that the time of recording the sort.

Spy Camera like spy pen cameras are similar and the best they also offer full HD recording, 2 hours of run time and 4 gigabytes (GB) of memory. They also provide the possibility of high resolution photos and record audio. The night of the capture is also possible with a good camera and just as with viewing; there is no indication of what's going on.

Common people consider such hidden spy cameras to be nothing more than a toy, with no real practical use; the truth is that they have a variety of uses and applications. They are very useful in certain fields, if the hidden video and audio capture is required to investigate any events.

If you are not sure what kind of camera to buy to ensure security of house or office, then either mail us at or call us at 09899642967. We are 24-hour open to see your place where you want to install spy camera.  Besides, we will give you a demo and will advise the suitable cheap wireless spy camera for your business or home security.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

My first experience of using wireless spy camera

In 1995, I completed my MBA (Master in Business Administration) from IMT Ghaziabad. I was very happy and wanted to go abroad for higher studies. On the other hand, my parents wanted to stay in home town and start a business. First, I was rigid to go abroad. But, seeing the ill condition of my parents, I decided to start a business in my home town.

I analyzed the market and decided to open a gift shop. As there were not any single gift shop in the market, so there were more probability to run it and get higher benefits.

As per my expectation, it was running well. I was earning a handsome amount of money daily. Next month, to grow my business, I decided to purchase some more useful gifts. For this, I generated a balance sheet. But, what it is? It was showing in negative i.e. I was in loss. I informed the matter to one of my bosom friend. After thinking a bit, he asked me to calculate the gifts I sold and how much I bought at the time of starting gift shop.

After calculation, I found, around 10 quantities of each gifts were missing. After knowing the real fact, he suggested me to setup five mini spy camera in shop, especially at the entry gate and at the corner where I was unable to pay more attention.

Next day, I talked to a wholesaler of spy camera and asked to set up five spy camera in shop. As planned, everything was okay. Now, from my desk, I was able to see the activities of every customer with the help of CCTV camera.

First day, everything was fine. Next day, two customers came and asked me to show wrist watch. I indicated the watch corner and asked to see. They checked few wrist watches on their wrist. At last, they put on one wrist watch on their wrist and started to go out from shop. I was seeing their activities in CCTV camera. When I saw that they are going out, I called them and asked about it. Without accepting their fault, they started crying at that you say your customer thief.

At last, I had to call local police. Within 10 minutes, they reached at my shop. When I showed the CCTV Video to them, they immediately caught the both thief and handed my wrist watch to me.

Since that day, I use high resolution portable spy camera at my shop. It helps us to run business smoothly.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Choose a cheap wireless spy camera for better security

In recent times, a large number of high-tech electronic products are being produced. Spy camera has come a long way in recent years, not simply in the size of the mini, but also produces image quality. Earlier, these wireless mini spy cameras were used by private detectives and Government Agencies. But, now a day, it is available on very cheap price due to over competition in present electronic markets. Now, individual and business companies, both are using cheap wireless spy camera for safety purposes.

The most popular hidden spy Cameras which are demanded by common users are cheap wireless spy camera that are in addition to the size of a dime. They are powered by batteries or a 9-volt some are able to be set a by using a power source. If you have plans to install a mini spy camera in a permanent position and then do show that comes with a power adapter if you would pass through a sea of batteries. Having the opportunity to be powered by batteries is also useful when you want to use in locations where there is no power supply available.

With wireless spy camera, there is no need to run cables or bulky and cumbersome setup analog cameras. Also wireless spy surveillance systems cost more money and are in color for under $ 250. Hidden spy camera systems have never been so accessible.
If you settle on not to go for a wireless spy camera then hard wired undercover cameras have their benefits as well because they are more reliable and less cost wireless. You have to run a cable for this type of mini spy camera to a recording device. Motion detection is another option available through wireless or standard. Both rooms have a motion sensor to detect other covert spy cameras that do not have motion detection sensors can still be converted to motion Activation by using motion detection software.

Pinhole style lens on wireless spy cameras are ideal to hide in small rooms or walls object. Your imagination is necessary just to think of places to hide these spy gadgets. When buying the covert spy camera, consider your needs for using one to determine the type of mini spy camera you need. In addition, you should find also the advantages and disadvantages for each possible location.

A hidden IP digital camera is similar to a wireless hidden camera because they can also be hidden in many everyday things and are wireless. However, a video signal from the camera IP is sent through an electrical system or home and wireless receiver is plugged into a wall outlet next to a workstation and is connected to a USB port on your PC. Using the software that comes with it lets you view and record images on your PC. First advantage and why most people would buy an IP security system is the ability to view live cams on the net. It is also possible to store video recording on a remote site.

A small spy camera and wireless system is a good option for better security. They come from a wide selection of products that makes it easy to choose one that works in just about any situation. This hidden spy camera is very self-contained and can be deployed easily and remove all uncertainties on your side. All-in-one units are moving on and require no cables, recipient or external recording devices. You can simply place your camera mini where you choose and let it work. Later, then view the video recorded right on the drive or you can also remove the card reader and view pictures on your computer.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Install hidden camera at home for better security

There is a lot of speculation around why home burglary and home invasions have increased in the last six months to almost epidemic proportions. A lot of people blame it on the economy. Desperate people who are having a hard time making ends meet resort to home burglary because it is one of the easiest of all crimes to commit and the chances of getting caught are minimal. That's a sad commentary in it of itself and the subject of another discussion at another time-not here, not now.

I read a story just three days ago about the residents of Houston, which is one of the largest cities in the country, respond to burglary and home invasions. It has become so mundane that it just basically doesn't draw any attention at all. Phoenix, NCR, the kidnapping and industrial place of the India, is rapidly becoming the home invasion and burglary capital of at least the India.
In the case of Phoenix the reason that home burglary and home invasions have become so popular is because of its proximity to Delhi/NCR and the drug corridor that snakes up through Delhi to NCR.

Recently, a Delhi based homeowner who installed hidden security camera caught a burglar red-handed along with one of his buddies stealing a safe from his home. The burglar was readily identified and is charged with one count of burglary. The second suspect has yet to be identified. The homeowners got the safe back fortunately and little damage was done to their home.
On average a home burglary will cost the homeowner $1600 in the value of the goods taken and nearly that amount in damage done to the home. So it's a very expensive proposition to have your home burglarized. Plus there's the feeling of violation of your domicile. The old expression of a "man's home is his castle" is true as long as nobody invades that space.

In the Delhi case the small spy camera was indoors and caught the burglars from several angles inside the home. Law enforcement professionals recommend that if you are going to have a hidden security camera that you place one at your front door and one at your back door. That way if the burglar decides to come in anyhow he will have his picture taken.

But more importantly placing a security camera at the front door and back door will act as a deterrent to home burglary and home invasion.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Top 10 benefits of installing small spy camera

Few decades earlier, Small Spy Camera was used by only government agencies because buying of it was so expensive for a common people. With the span of time, the prices of these spy cameras dropped so much that anyone can now buy a mini spy camera. Besides, it is easier to install in comparison to old days. Now, a spy camera can be purchased within the range of $100 and by paying a little more, a high resolution wireless spy camera can be purchased.

There are number of advantages of using these cameras in offices and shops.

Here are the top 10 advantages of using mini spy cameras in building.

1. Business Security: It is installed at business place to secure the security. You can find it everywhere banks, casinos, hotels, convenience stores, office buildings, train stations, airports and metro.
2. It is installed in nursing home and schools to provide better service.
3. Home Security: It can be installed in home to avoid burglary, crime and theft.
4. Office Security: Installing it in office secures office. As sitting in a corner with pc each and every activities of the office can be tracked.
5. Maintains Property Values. Cameras can prevent deterioration of home or business property.
6. Added Value to any Property: It enhances to price of property. Home, business, or vacation properties values are high in which security cameras are installed.
7. Insurance Discounts: A Home or businesses in which security cameras are installed often get discounts on its insurance.
8. It is easy to investigate any criminal activities.
9. Employee Training: It is easy to train an employee sitting so far.
10. Employee Performance: Every activities of the employee can be tracked and on the basis of their work and performance, any action can be taken.

Traffic Police use high definition surveillance cameras to run the traffic smoothly. Cities all over the world use surveillance cameras to watch traffic congestion and criminal activities and many now are using cameras for red light and speeding enforcement.

The real truth is that some spy camera are efficient enough to view and record from anywhere in the world via the internet. Spy Cameras come in just about any size and capability you can imagine from dome cameras which are the most widely used surveillance cameras in the offices and organization. Mini spy cameras are as small as a shirt button can view and record all the activities running nearby.

Some of the spy cameras are wired it means it is connected to the DVR or VCR using a cable. The camera can also be wireless, in this case the camera transmits a signal to a receiver that is connected to the DVR or VCR.

We should not forget that the Technology is changing all the time. Now there is a line of hidden cameras that have a built in DVR. They record images on an 8 GB SD/SDHC card for playback on your computer or TV. Some of the cameras has automatic sensor so it will start recording only when someone comes in front of it.
Some of the cameras can be controlled using a remote control. you can start and end recording up to 144 hours worth depending on resolution and speed. Recordings are motion activated so that unbearable dead space is eliminated.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

The best use of small spy camera

At one time, the only place the spy camera would have noticed the film or television show. Not that world anymore. Small spy cameras are available for all citizens to buy and put to use in their homes, their businesses, loved ones or their property. Implementing devices for digital recording, we can ensure that they are safe and things like that.

A small spy camera does not apply solely to prosecution. In the nursery, the input areas or the total area can be used when the homeowner is not at home. Some digital technology will allow the owner to watch from their computer while on vacation or for work.

New digital technology allows owners to have a clear picture. Some are equipped to respond to remote commands such as zoom, Pan, and skew. This enables the owner of the selection of the desired view. A Spy camera with recording equipment usable in the baby nursery, swimming pools and in the Office. These capabilities are especially useful if your camera has the features for sound. Live broadcast you can keep safe baby and pool safely.

In the place of business, the sound and video capabilities of the spy camera can be useful if there is a need to fire an employee when it was reported the problems with the employee. This becomes the proof and may help to prove the case, if the case is brought to Court or the labor Board. With the help of high power small spy camera, it is very easy to observe the activities in the area of stock, cash register and other places that are prone to unwanted misbehavior.

The best use of mini spy camera helps to ensure a safe family and property. Individuals and business organization including Law enforcement and government spy agency is not the only organization that can use this camera technology.

Cheap Spy Cameras and its benefits

People have been using cameras for decades. Spy Camera or Hidden Camera is a type of camera. It is very small in size and can be fitted anywhere in the room or hall to record the things which are running over there. Generally, it is used to detect unauthorized activities like – theft or any criminal activities. Some of the businessmen use it to run their business smoothly.

Spy Cameras are used by Government agencies like CIA or detective agencies to find the facts and truth. The spy cameras used by these agencies are a little bit costly, so everyone can not buy it. But, when we think over the requirements, it is very clear that a simple user does not require such expensive and high sensitive cameras. Thinking over the requirements of general users, we have manufactured these four types of spy cameras which are very cheap and suitable for the needs of average users.

1. The screw camera: It can be fitted anywhere in the room or hall where there is a screw and nobody will ever notice that there's actually a mini spy camera hidden inside it. The best version is a wireless spy camera which includes a twelve hour battery pack that's rechargeable and requires no wires or cords to plug-in.

2. The button camera: It includes 6 buttons altogether so you can re-do buttons on a shirt with one of the buttons that has a spy camera inside. The button camera has also version of wireless mini spy camera which is absolutely the best with a ten hour rechargeable battery pack. It is indeed a perfect camera to record the mobility in the room.

3. Wall Clock hidden camera: This is the most common and an advanced spy small camera types. It is one of the most demanding hidden cameras in the market today. It is just like a standard quartz wall clock. Some options include black-and-white or color transmission. It can be wired or wireless. The wireless models include a 2.4 to 2.8 GHz receiver to get the pictures and of course there's a transmitter inside to send the video.

4. The baby monitor camera: It is a very good small camera specially for new mothers. It helps her to track her child playing in the ground. It is just like a simple toys with a hidden camera inside which transmits signals to a hand-held portable LCD monitor that you can carry around the house. Although, it does not record, but can show all the activities running nearby toy.

Installing spy camera has helped many people keep eye things they otherwise would not have been able to see. so do not hesitate to install a portable spy camera at your shop or office if you want it be more secured and protected.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Advantages of using Wireless Security Surveillance Cameras

Wireless spy camera used by many individuals, businessmen and many government organization like banks, but now the technology is passed to the consumer. Who to buy and install a Cheap wireless security camera system, low-fuss at all. The wireless network is the way to go, and there are several reasons why.

Do not tear up your House!

The main advantage of these is that you do not have to mess with the infrastructure of their own in the House. This is what is causing you headaches of installing CCTV or other wired system. With these systems, you can run the wire through the ceiling and the walls.

Most of us do not have such a handwork. We do not talk about boring, by soldering and all you can imagine. It is even worse if you live high in the House, if you need to run cables everywhere. If you are not real, the result in the table to call a handy-person to get it installed on the professional and pocket book.
More Effectively

They are more efficient than the old school systems. This applies, in particular, if you are installing the cameras or lights. Line breaks in the wires are a major reason why the camera systems to blink. This type of system to cut the risk of a level of taxation down to zero.

Such a system, you can attach cameras or anywhere in the yard lights and you do not need to worry about storms, rain or heavy winds in the knockouts of their own at home. This technology allows you to protect your system against the elements.

You can do anything with the information about the particular characteristics of the

These systems provide a lot more options. They allow you to customize the security system a lot more space. The size of the place, rather than the use of wire running your system sends the data to the receiver antenna. This allows different options if you want to send the information. You have it sent directly to the PC or even on your mobile phone. In this way, you can keep tabs on the House anywhere. Wireless security cameras can also notify you when there is something funny afoot.

All of these wires, without the mess with the camera can be placed anywhere. Place one of the shrubs, a mailbox, a bird-feeder. They make these days a small cameras options is unlimited. The investment options must also be added to the indoor. Lighting equipment, alarm clocks, paintings-enter your inner spy run wild.
These days the cost of up to on a regular basis. Prices are entered and make sure, because of the popularity of this technology easier and easier installation, soars. Wireless and you can keep your home or secure the easy way.

Wireless portable spy camera is a very good device to monitor closely associated with a home or small office, as far as possible, from the during the game can be. Get clearer images and more flexible than ever before.